Fresh out of the Marines with only five grand in his pocket, Menage is looking to make his presence and his flamboyant taste in cars and clothes, felt on the extravagant, flossed-out streets of Miami. When Menage Discovers that he has a flare for flipping stolen cars into more cash then he can handle he befriends Dwight who helps him with his operation. What Menage soon learns is that when doing shady business, shady characters lurk where you least expect them. Follow Menage as he balls outta control, outrunning the law and bullets that may bear his name.

Menage Unique Legend’s life, though it continues to be filled with material possessions and easy sex, spirals steadily out of control in this action-packed, page-turning sequel to A Hood Legend. Through it all, he pretends to be in control and keeps his game face on, even after experiencing personal losses and tragic events. In the midst of insisting on having it “My way,” he questions the meaning of life and love. Finally, he comes up with a solution that is as unique as he is. It is the answer to his misery – and what will ultimately make his heart content.

The Dirty-Dirty is runnin’ the game. Fresh out of prison and down for whatever, Anshon is on the grind and ready to roll. Thirsty for street glitz, glamour and ghetto richness, Anshon never thinks twice about the universal street anthem, ”Mo’ money, Mo’ problems.” Living life in the fast lane and never learning to ”juice the game slow,” Anshon ends up on a downward spiral. But what will he do when he can’t be his brother’s keeper anymore, and where will he go when jealousy seems to be taking control? Will he roll over and die or will his survival instincts run the show? What about when he loses a loved one who begged him to get out the game? Will he finally listen, chill with his shawtie, and ride off into the sunset or will he take matters in his own hands? Join Victor Martin as he spins a tale that leaves you to wonder, ”How could a man that has done so much be treated so unjust?

DJ and Tina are living fat after setting up Menage Unique Legend to take a fall in the final part of the trilogy. Living the playa’s life, DJ continues to prowl on unsuspecting women who are led to believe that he is the man of their dreams. Meanwhile, Tina explores one man after another in the world she knows best. Together, DJ and Tina need each other to survive the streets of Miami and Durham, North Carolina. Thinking that their job is done, they underestimate the loyalty Menage’s team has to him. Will their plans foil before their eyes or will they get away unscathed?

More of Urban Lit’s finest take a walk on the other side in book two, Even Sinners Have Souls Too, of the three book “Sinners Series.”

Darrell King, Victor L. Martin and Essence Best-Selling authors, Tysha and Michel Moore, bring you four smashing tales, but not before National Best-Selling author, K’Wan, hits you with the powerful introduction, Oh Sinner Man.

Edited by award winning author E. N. Joy, once again, some of the literary industry’s much respected authors pick up their pens to ink something outside of their norm. As the gritty tales unfold, the readers’ souls will be enveloped by the moving and unexpected outcomes. Unlike other street stories, these real and raw characters choose neither the road most traveled nor the road traveled less; they make their own way. Even Sinners Have Souls Too (like Even Sinners Have Souls-Book One of the series) continues to change the state of African American literature.

“Get it how you live it,” is the foundation of the street lawmakers. When two well connected Arabs enter the city limits of Durham, North Carolina, they do so without knowing the rules of the land. Pay close attention to the main character of your favorite gangsta movie or novel and you will see that in the end, all the person wants is to be is happy…Ghetti is no exception. Envy, lies, hate, love and poor judgment are the true gangstas in the streets. In this page turning tangle of emotions, Ghetti finds himself facing the greatest gangsta of them all …Love. They say it’s God’s greatest gift, but neither Ghetti nor love was prepared for…THE GAME OF DECEPTION.

Check out author Victor L. Martin’s first attempt at a book of short stories. This collection of erotic stories are sure to leave you satisfied yet wanting more…

After pulling a fifteen year bid, thirty-three year old Trev is out to get back on his feet. His mind-set is not focused on the

A reformed convict who doesn’t want to go back to the streets. An illicit Miami movie studio in need of a new star. What could go wrong?

After fifteen years in prison, Trev needs a fresh start. Refusing to go back to his old ways on the streets, he makes up his mind to leverage his muscles and looks into a new career-Miami Beach adult movie star. After all, how hard could it possibly be?

Amatory Films CEO Janelle Babin knows Trev is the whole package, and she can’t get him on film fast enough. He’s got the perfect hook-a bad boy former convict who hasn’t had sex in fifteen years. But what she doesn’t count on is Trev’s co-star Kandi crossing the one line in the sand in their business-falling in love.

Kandi and Trev set the sheets-and their hearts-on fire from the first minute they see each other. But with more women than Trev can handle throwing themselves at him and Kandi’s ex-boyfriend refusing to let her go, can they overcome everything that the world wants to throw at them?

Can two people like Kandi and Trev really find love with each other? And what happens when the dust settles and the cameras switch off?

Readers of seductive urban romance, dark urban interracial romance, and urban romance novels with an amazing ending won’t be able to get enough of this new novel from Victor L. Martin. Filled with love, lust, drama and intrigue, this African-American urban fiction novel is one of the best new entries in the street literature genre.

Trevon Harrison learns in NUDE AWAKENING II that the more money he makes, the more problems he has. Being an adult video star may have solved some immediate problems, but it may have also created more trouble than its worth. Kandi wants more and isn’t sure she can get it from him. Swagga, Trevon’s arch-enemy, wants revenge from their last encounter. And Janelle, the owner of Amatory Erotic Films, wants a seven movie deal contract honored. With new friends and a host of enemies, will Trevon ever find peace or will he end up still naked?

Survival. Sex. Money. The hustle never ends.

Lorenzo Watson wants an everyday life—his job, his girlfriend, his child. Of course, he isn’t asking for much. But as the bills and stress pile up, the call of his former life hustling the streets of Selma, North Carolina, gets harder and harder to ignore, even though he’s gone straight these days, with a good job in the prison system and a future that requires staying legal.

However, when he makes the mistake of confiding in one of his coworkers, he’s lured back in with a single transaction. And back home, as his struggling relationship falls apart, his girlfriend Shayla takes matters into her own hands with a life-altering decision that might change everything—for all of them. As the secrets they keep from each other spiral out of control, both Lorenzo and Shayla have convinced themselves that they’re doing the right thing for their family. But is it really for the family?

Or is it for money—over everything else?

Fans of urban fiction, African American street lit, crime thrillers, and tense family dynamics will love this novel packed full of drama, betrayal, sex, and the story of a relationship trying to survive.

Lorenzo, Travis, Shayla, Derrick and the entire cast return to bring a stunning closure to Pretty Boy Hustlerz. Lorenzo is now faced with a bigger choice when the heat is turned up with his unique hustle with the PBH Clique. He will have to either settle with his love for his family or continue to chase the money that seems to start growing on trees. Shayla will be tested in ways that she could never imaging. Her heart will take a hit when she learns that depth of Lorenzo’s disloyalty. It will shape her and motivate her to put her family first…an act that Lorenzo seems to have a tough time doing. Travis and derrick are bent on keeping the money flowing toward PBH by any means. They will both have to expose their true colors, stepping into the light with their masks off. Pretty Boy Hustlerz is a story that had to be told and written by Victor Martin it will surly become an instant classic…repping Selma, North Carolina and stamping Victor’s rise in urban lit.

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